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1971 年生まれ。埼玉県出身。若い頃は世界各国を放浪して暮らした。特にインドでは断食や瞑想三昧の生活を送り、様々な霊的体験をする。帰国後は翻訳をしながら、作曲等の表現活動に従事していた。人生の転機は軽い気持ちで始めたGoogle+というSNSだった。SNSで写真を公開して直接ファンと交流している写真家達に大いに刺激をうけて、自分も撮影活動を開始した。その後は作品制作に没頭し、瞬く間に数々の撮影・現像テクニックをマスターする。「自分にとって最高の被写体は富士山である」と悟り、富士の麓に引っ越して一年が経った。撮れば撮るほど富士の魅力の奥深さがわかってくる。何かを求めて世界中を彷徨ったが、自分が探し求めていたものは日本にあった。


  1. Hi Yuga! Its one of the most inspiring stories I´ve read how someone founded their “call” in life. You now I love your photos and I haven´t forgot that I promised you to read what I write cos they allways kick start my imagination and creativity! Thank you for sharing your passion with the rest of the world! / Jennie from FB ^^/

  2. Hi Yuga,
    Beautiful photos and interesting story :)
    Even just in pictures, mountain has ability to calm me on rough days. And in many of your shoots i felt both amazement and fear.
    Have you ever come to Indonesia?

  3. Yuga

    I love all your photos, they’re all beautifully shot! Perhaps someday you will organize a Mt Fuji photo camp?


  4. Hi Friend:

    How are you?

    This is Henry,the CEO of “FORUDesigns” ,I knew you from Instagram. And,I have nice project here:

    “FORUDesigns” 3D design team + your amazing pics = the wonderful bags!

    Customized bags with Note: There are some finished-design-pics for your reference, We won’t produce and sale them without your agreement.

    Please let me if you are interested in Project.

  5. Hi Yuga

    I wonder if we could hook up in the Fuji San area sometime and take some shots together. My wife is Japanese and we go back every year and I usually take off alone while she stays with the parents. I could pay for fuel. Would you kindly contact me via email.
    PS, it’s a shame you’re not coming to the Gold Coast as I could have taken you to some great spots and I would be happy to take a week off work to show you around.


    1. Hi Bob. Sorry for the delayed reply. My schedule quite depends on the weather conditions as nature doesn’t care about my schedule except for when I’m in Tokyo during my exhibitions. Please contact me via FB or twitter when you are in the area. Thanks.

  6. Aloha Yuga,

    Your story was a delight to read…. and your photographs speak to my heart.

    it seems we traveled along similar song-lines to come to the work that we took birth for.

    I wanted to ask for permission or find out how I might use one of your images on my new website. Do you ever license rights for fair use?
    I made an arrangement like that once before , with Art Wolfe photography. I was unable to find your photographs at getty or istock shuttlestock and I did not want to use it without asking first.


    Elizabeth Burke

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I’m sorry that I wasn’t very quick to respond to your messages. My best wishes for the success of your site.

  7. Hi Yuga San,

    We saw your post of “the Queen of the Night” on Flickr last week. It is so stunning it has sealed in our mind. It is also our most favorite picture on Flickr. Therefore We are writing to thank you for sharing it with us. We look forward your great Fujisan in coming soon.
    Zoë & Draco

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