“Tales of Fuji | New Era” Yuga Kurita Exhibition

From AUG 2 (SAT) to AUG 15 (FRI)


Literary Giant Soseki Natsume wrote, “There’s only one thing we can be proud of in Japan. That’s Mt. Fuji.” Back then, Japan had just emerged from feudal isolation and was locked in the midst of a rapid modernization. Having recently returned from the UK, Soseki felt Japan was significantly behind western nations and unable to create anything worth taking pride in. Although we now have technological and cultural advancements that we can take pride ourselves in, facing Mt. Fuji with a solemn heart still reveals the thing lost during modernization. (Yuga Kurita)

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  1. 富士は汲めども尽きぬ泉なり、ですかね。ご活躍お祈りしております。(鎌倉より)

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