I mainly make a living by licensing photos/footage and selling signed prints but also work as a guide-cum-photo instructor, that is, I can take you to your favorite locations in Japan and instruct you how to shoot great photos there.

I can flexibly adjust my schedule and services I provide to meet your needs. For example, you might not want me to instruct you how to shoot but want to be shot by me at scenic locations, or you already know how to shoot and you just want me to take you to the right places at the right time (which isn’t easy). In such cases, I can provide services according to your need.

I speak fluent English and Japanese and am very familiar with shooting locations in Japan particularly around Mt. Fuji.

Basic Fees:
Full Day (up to 8 hours including driving but excluding lunch break):
$495 for 1 person
$600 for 2 people
$720 for 3 people
If you want to shoot both sunrise and sunset, I will take a longer lunch break.
Half Day (up to 4.5 hours including driving):
$295 for 1 person
$360 for 2 people
$440 for 3 people

No instruction: $100 per day
If you know how to shoot and make settings (ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc.) and let me concentrate on shooting my own photos, you can get this discount.
Model Release: $50 per day
If you let me shoot your photos/videos and give me a model release by which you (as a portrait right holder) grant me to use the photos/videos commercially, you can get this discount.
Volume Discount: 10%
If the total fee exceeds $1,000, this discount is applied.

I also work as a  Japanese to English/English to Japanese translator at times. I’m specialized in IT, cameras, photography, and so on.

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