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Blue Pond and Green Ravine

I travelled around the Northern Japan with a close friend of mine for a week.  I just got a new car, so I drove all the way up to Aomori and took a car ferry there, and then, landed in Hakodate. It was a lot of fun.

Yuga Kurita Biei Blue Pond Aoike_4E00036Nikon D800E + SIGMA 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM

After landed in Hokkaido, we visited the Lake Toya area and went to Muroran to join the Google+ 4 year anniversary photowalk. But it was heavily raining. I didn’t want to get soaked to take mediocre shots so we quickly left there and headed to Biei.

We eventually had a nice, photographic day in Biei on the third day in Hokkaido. In Biei, we of course visited the famous blue pond. Honestly speaking, I somewhat doubted that the colour was exaggerated by processing but it was actually very blue.

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Ganesha from Pushkar

My second solo photo exhibition “Tales of Fuji | Voice of Nature” had ended on June 21, and I came back to the Fujisan area. I do exhibitions in summer every year. It feels like the summer solstice is the New Year’s day for me. I’m in the midst of the New Year holidays now. I briefly stop shooting Fujisan and am going to travel Hokkaido from tomorrow.

DSC03307Sony Alpha 7 + Canon New FD 50mm f/1.4 via a mount adapter

When I came back home from Tokyo, I received an order-made frame that I ordered before I went to Tokyo. I bought this frame to put in the handcraft painting of Ganesha, which I bought in Pushkar, India back in 1996. Since I was a backpacker and travelling for a long period of time, I usually didn’t buy anything that was absolutely necessary. But I ordered a team of Indian craftsmen in the town to create this for 4000 rupees.

All tourists are badly cheated in India. The Japanese are doubly so. For people coming from developed nations, everything looks so cheap in India that everyone can’t tell whether or not the prices are reasonable. After travelling in India for a certain period of time, everyone realises that they were badly ripped off and stop trusting Indian vendors. I practiced ancient meditation techniques called Vipasana at an ashram before coming to this town. This experience purified my mind and made me unable to distrust anyone.  As a result, I bought a lot of things that weren’t necessary and this painting of Ganesha is one of such.

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