Nikon AN-SBR2 Black Rapid Quick-Draw Strap

日本語Yuga Kurita Nikon AN-SBR2 Black Rapid Quick-Draw Strap _9E53013jpgYuga Kurita taking a photo of Diamond Fuji with a camera attached to the AN-SBR2

I have been using the AN-SBR2 Black Rapid Quick-Draw Strap for nearly a year. I can say this is one of the best items I ever got. Before I got it, I had been using normal straps that came with cameras I bought. They are, of course, usable. But the product has some remarkable advantages over them.


What does it take to make a good camera strap? I can come up with some answers such as:

1) Safety
You never want to drop your camera , right? The product comes with a  robust, carabiner-style locking connector  with a plastic safety cover. Although it is unthinkable that this part would come off, the product also provides an additional side lug strap for extra security. I attached a third-party carabiner (silver mont-bell) to the side lug for quick use.

2) Stability

By providing locking bumpers surrounding your camera, the ANSBR2 limits your camera’s range of motion, and thereby it also prevents you from falling down by losing your balance particularly when you are using a massive DSLR. It actually happened with me a couple of years ago. With a normal camera strap being put around your neck, the camera swings like a pendulum when you walk fast or run unless you hold it tightly with your hand and it can cause such an accident.  In addition, the AN-SBR2 also comes with a quick-release stabilising strap under your arm for even more stability.

3) Comfort
The AN-SBR2 gliding shoulder strap is well padded and the locking bumpers minimise the range of your camera’s motion so that long-shooting session with a heavy camera will be much less fatigue.


3) Movable
Since the AN-SBR2 limits the unwanted motion of your camera, it lets you move swiftly without being bothered by your camera’s pendulum like swing which occurs when putting a normal strap around your neck. I often go into mountains with this product because it is too dangerous to use a camera attached to a normal strap while climbing mountains. I had to put my heavy DSLRs in my backpack and would use a pocketable digital camera for taking photographs. But you can’t take high-quality photographs with such tiny cameras and I would miss opportunities for great shots. This product solved my problem.


The only drawback I had with this product was that you have to remove the AN-SBR2 from your camera when attaching your camera to a tripod. But there is a workaround. I bought a Custom SLR M-Plate Pro, which allows you to attach your camera directly to an arca-swiss compatible ballhead. By attaching this item to your AN-SBR2 sliding strap, you can quickly mount your camera to a tripod.


Bottom Line
The AN-SBR2 allows you to move swiftly while securing stability and safety. The product will noticeably improve productivity of any active photographer. Of course, you can use it with cameras by manufacturers other than Nikon, too.


Yuga Kurita Nikon AN-SBR2 Black Rapid Quick-Draw Strap _9E53013jpg AN-SBR2に装着したカメラでダイヤモンド富士を撮影する筆者















というわけで、このND連射ストラップAN-SBR2はお勧めの製品なのですが、欠点もあります。これをカメラに装着した状態だと三脚に取り付ける際にいちいち取り外さなければならないので、それが些か面倒でした。が、Custom SLR M-Plate Proという製品を使うことで、この問題は解決しました。写真に示したように、これを使うとAN-SBRをカメラに取り付けたまま直接アルカスイス互換の雲台に取り付けることができます。



ND速写ストラップAN-SBR2を使うと安全性を保ちつつ素早く動いて撮影することが可能になります。 本気で生産性を考える方にはとてもお勧めの製品です。もちろんニコンのカメラ以外でも使えます。




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